Dissertation writing plan: how to avoid possible pitfalls

No matter how well prepared you are for your dissertation you will find that there are several pitfalls along the way. Use this research plan dissertation to help you to avoid the most serious

  • Pitfall 1. Finding a topic
    You can waste a lot of time, by looking for an idea for a topic by getting sidetracked and panicking
    Solution: look back at your notes for ideas; ask your professor or look for ideas online
  • Pitfall 2. Refining your hypothesis
    It is hard to put into words that ideas that you have for your hypothesis, however a hypothesis that is a paragraph long is not acceptable.
    Solution: actually the more you talk to other people about your work the less words you will use until you get to the point where the hypothesis is perfect.
  • Pitfall 3. Discovering that you don't know enough about the subject area.
    We have all been through that feeling where we have chosen a topic that sounds interesting but when it comes down to it we just don't know enough'
    Solution: Brainstorm your topic. Hone in on what you already know, what you need to know and how you will find out the information.
  • Pitfall 4. Gathering too much information
    You have so much information on one part of the topic that you are getting overwhelmed with the amount of information.
    Solution: Keep to specifics and don't get sidetracked. Ideally the more you focus on one particular area the more likely your are to stay on track.
  • Pitfall 5. Scrabbling around for information.
    You know that you have the information you need but where is it? It could be written on the back of a scrap of paper or is a note in the margin.
    Solution: Keep a project diary where you keep all of the notes, ideas and thought process that you have on the project.
  • Pitfall 6. Lack of logical progression
    You have the ideas but they are not in a logical progression, in fact they are just a load of ideas that are just strung together.
    Solution: Tackle one paragraph at a time and keep one idea per paragraph.. that way you will be able to move the text around.
  • Pitfall 8. Run out of time to proofread
    Everything has been going fine, but you are still a little ways off being ready to submit your work but the cut-off date is looming.
    Solution: Find yourself a proofreader. Good proofreaders are booked up well in advance so you may find that quality is going to be a little expensive.

There are a few more pitfalls but these are the main ones that you may encounter.