How to Organize a Thesis: A Manual on Structure

The best master thesis writing service will give you help with keeping your document organized in a sensible manner. To make it all work, you need to get thesis help by having an idea of how the structure works. Here are a few points for how your MBA thesis can be organized right so it reads well and is easy to figure out in any situation.


The introduction lists general data on what the thesis is about. It should not talk about everything. It just needs to explain what your plans for writing it are. Write this last if possible as it is easier to write when you know what you have just done.


The background is not always required on an MBA thesis but it never hurts to have one. The background refers to your experience in a field of study. Historic information relating to your thesis should be added here if possible.

You could go as far back as you want when talking about this part of your thesis. Whatever it is about, you must analyze the content carefully without being hard to follow or otherwise unable to figure out in some way.

Analyzing the Content

The third section entails your analysis of what you are going to discuss. This should include your impressions of something before you start your research or testing.

The analysis does not have to entail your own specific opinions. It just needs to highlight what you are observing.

Problem Statement

You have to explain the problem or issue you have next. This is what propels you into the actual study. The problem statement refers to the issue you have and then how you will resolve it. This does not mean you will actually solve the problem. You will simply get extra insight into understanding how a certain concept might have evolved or developed.

Research Points

The research and testing part takes a while and requires plenty of specific bits of information. This involves looking into how certain concepts are introduced and what you wish to say in your writing.

The research should be discussed based on where you are getting it from and how detailed it might be. Look around to find various concepts worth discussing while being as recent as possible. This section will be more interesting if you keep it current.


The methodology in a custom thesis is a discussion of how you completed a task. Write here about how you use certain research methods or tools and what you checked on.

This is all about transparency in your work. It also gives the reader the opportunity to complete a task on one’s own.

Results and Analysis

The results you came across must be listed in full. An analysis shows how well the concepts you have introduced are. This should be listed regardless of whether it agrees with your original beliefs or not. Be willing to add details on any limitations you came across while working on your project. Adding as much information on this as possible is needed for your general success.


The conclusion is the last part of the custom thesis to see. It focuses on what you feel about the findings. Information on how you could move your studies forward should be listed.

Be ready to keep your paper organized with all the right sections in mind. Make sure when you buy thesis paper services that anything you use has all of these sections in mind. These play out together to produce a cohesive document that is detailed and flows properly without an immense amount of confusion.